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Smart doorbell is definitely a hot category while we are building our smart home. Giving families the ability to see who is at the front door through mobile phones, saving images and videos to cloud storage or interacting and communicating with visitors and protecting homes. However, there is one missing important function of all the smart doorbells: lack of integration with our existing smart home system and forming a more comprehensive smart home system.

Recently, Control4 has launched a brand new smart video doorbell that can integrate with the existing Control4 system: Chime video doorbell, which Control4 calls “the first video doorbell solution designed to leverage all of the capabilities of the sophisticated Control4 OS3.”

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Introduction of Chime Video Doorbell 

Chime video doorbell measures a scant 5 x 1.5 x 1 inch (H x W xD) and it is pretty light. Modern and plain design with two color options: black and satin nickel. A 5 MP camera with a 180-degree field of view ensures every inch of the property is covered in crystal-clear HD video. Chime video doorbell currently captures video clips for Control4 interfaces at resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 (or 1024 x 768 for on-screen). The in-built night mode and IR LEDs bring clear picture in low-light settings. Meanwhile,  it can carry through natural and immediate communication since the two-way audio needs no push and release. In addition, Chime video doorbell is IP65 rated and water-resistant to keep it looking new for years to come.

A complete smart home experienc

Right now, there is no doorbell that can integrate with other smart home systems. In fact, Chime Video Doorbell is able to execute such actions with other systems: while communicating with someone at the front door, homeowners can disarm the alarm, unlock the door, turn on the lights or any other smart home features you can imagine with just one button. Homeowners can get an instant notification that a package has been delivered even if the bell is not pressed. Family members can also communicate with visitors inside or outside the house with the help of their touch screen or mobile app. All the series of automation events can be customized for different needs and initiated with just one button.

Adjustable motion zones and sensitivity controls

The function of motion detection definitely leverages the power of Control4 smart home to provide greater security and keep you connected and in control like no other video doorbell. Personalize up to five motions zones with customized sensitivity control, ensuring homeowners can get notification when it matters most. For instance, the Chime video doorbell would start recording automatically when it senses someone is arriving at the door front or the yard; when it senses movement in the driveway in the middle of the night, it would start recording, turning on the garage light, making sure all doors are locked and informing the homeowner.

Wireless or wired Installation Methods

Chime video doorbell is available in Wi-Fi and PoE models, so it can be installed in retrofit jobs or new construction. Chime accessories include a new-construction wall box and two 15-degree wedges (left and right) to help optimize the viewing angle.  The configuration is easy with the help of Composer Pro, which lets the user programs motion zones, custom alerts, snapshots, brightness levels, LEDs, and more.

New function “History” give you peace of mind

The new “history” function gives user information about security events around the home and video record. When homeowners miss or ignore a doorbell call, they can use their mobile phone or Control4 touch screen to access the video recordings for complete peace of mind. This function includes a timeline of when the doorbell sensed motion or the doorbell button was pressed, what time doors locked/unlocked, and when the security system armed/disarmed. Videos and snapshots captured by the smart doorbell are stored for 7 days. Homeowners can pair the Chime video doorbell with a Luma NVR to increase storage capacity.

Remote monitoring and management

Chime video doorbell is also OvrC-enabled, which means the authorized technicians can monitor system status, receive notifications, and reboot devices remotely from the OvrC web or mobile app.


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