Brand New Control4 Faceplate – Control your smart home with simple & clean design

Approaching the end of the year, are you considering having renovations or installing smart home systems? Control4 offers a brand new option that combines aesthetic and functional purpose with an interactive faceplate in the coming 4th quarter. If you are looking for an alternative for smart home control panel, Control4 integrates control functions into different styles of homes that will perfectly fits your needs.

Control4 Smart Home System

One of the top brands –  Control4 system from the United States can connect and integrate lighting, curtains, air-conditioning and audio-visual equipment, etc. With only one interface, or voice control with Alexa and Google Home, you can remotely control various electrical appliances. In addition to simple switch functions, you can also dim the light, adjust air-conditioning temperature, and even pre-set different modes.


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New interactive Faceplate integrates into home design style

Designing a smart home should not only consider system integration and device compatibility, but also consider whether it matches your home’s decoration style. Control4’s new faceplate not only can switch between smart scenes, but can even show the status of different electrical appliances, allowing you to do a final check with a  glance before leaving the house. Most importantly, faceplate’s simple and clean layout is suitable for any home designs and can be installed any where at your home.

Main features of Control4 new faceplate at a glance:

  • One-click control of home appliances (adjusting the suitable temperature, turning on the bedtime settings, controlling the audio volume, etc.)
  • Aesthetic appearance with 10 unique finishes options
  • Customised settings to design common combinations of home appliances
  • LED panel lights indicate the conditions of home appliances

More Smart Scenes Settings with Control4 Faceplate

  1. Play the music

You no longer need to open the APP or select a playlist whenever you would like to play music. Just double tap the button and the music will be played in the room. Tired of a specific  playlist? The faceplate can also be used to switch between different playlists that and clearly displays your music choices. If you want to stop the music, turn off the audio device or the TV, the faceplate can also do it for you.

  1. Adjust the temperature at any time

Feeling too hot, or too cold? Just press the pre-set  faceplate to adjust the air conditioner to your ideal temperature. You can label the buttons accordingly by yourself. Even if you have visitors coming your home, they can freely adjust the temperature.


  1. Set the timer

Preset the timers with the faceplate and start the countdown hands-free. Adjusting the time length is easy – pressing with changing LED lights indicator.


  1. Night Mode

Before going to bed at night, you can use the faceplate to switch off all the appliances in your entire house: turning off the lights & TV, lock the door, adjusting the alarm clock, lowering the curtains, etc. Save your time and you can sleep 10 more minutes.

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Although you can build your Smart Home with the components sold in the market, you need a professional consultant to customise the personal and perfect solution to suit your needs. LNKO’s package provides one-stop service, starting from consultation, quotation, planning, design, site management, installation, training, after-sales services to one-year warranty. LINKO helps you live smarter at ease. In addition, LINKO offers wireless system which only takes a snap to install. You can upgrade your home without renovation.


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Source: Control4