Location Lohas Park Marini
System Control4
Date Sep 2022
Size 380 sqft
Highligths Bonsai with Smart lighting display, Smart rolling blinds, Smart TV control

Video Introduction

Project Summary

Marini, located in LOHAS, Tseung Kwan O, has only started to be occupied since the past year. The buildings features are smart design and smart facilities. Most of the residents have converted their units into smart home design because of the convenience. We will show you one of the 380-square-foot unit with is also an one-person unit having one bedroom and one living room. The view of the bedroom can see part of the sea view. The smart home designer sets different customized scenes for the homeowner, and uses smart lighting to match the bonsai area so that the homeowner can efficiently and conveniently take care those bonsai. Care. The roller blinds in the room are designed with smart elements , which can adjust the light to illuminates the room at any time, and make good use of natural light to become the main light source to the bedroom.

Smart lighting for bonsai area display

The owner has set up a bonsai area with great ornamental value in the side hall. In order to match the metal chandelier that the owner has already selected, the smart home designer chose to use a smart panel to add smart elements to the metal chandelier for assisting with the owner to cultivate the bonsai. According to the needs, the schedule of the light switch is scheduled so that the lights can be turned on and off according to the owner’s settings every day.  It is controlled by an independent light group. Even if other scenes are changed, the schedule of the light switch will not be affected as well.

Smart roller blinds with bedroom light

One of the features of the unit is that the window in the bedroom is a large piece of floor-to-ceiling glass, with the view can overlook the sea. The designer installed a smart roller shutter for the owner. After the half-transparent blinds is lowered, the opaque blinds will then lifted up to cover the window. The homeowner can use the smart panel beside the bed or the mobile phone application to control the opening and closing degree of the curtains anytime, anywhere, and easily adjust the light intensity entering into the bedroom.

Movie mode with TV remote

The design of the hall is simple and neat. A smart TV is hung on the wall, and a sofa is placed in the middle of the hall. The designer has set a movie mode for the owner. When the owner presses the button, the lights in the hall will automatically dim and the TV will turn on immediately. , the homeowner can use the mobile phone application to adjust the TV channel or volume at any time.