Location Sai Kung 133 Portofino
System Control4 x KNX
Date 2023
Size 2240 sqft
Highligths Large house ref, TV Lifting ahtomation 

Video Introduction

Luxury Mansion Unit - Diversified Smart Home

The luxury home case study referred to here involves two combined units, with a total area of approximately 2,240 square feet, located at 133 Portofino, Kowloon Tong. It was led by another interior design company, in collaboration with Linko Smart, to complete this large-scale luxury home unit project. The homeowner wanted a comprehensive smart home solution, including smart lighting, smart curtains, TV lifting mechanism, and AV equipment, integrated with the Control 4 smart home system, to achieve whole-home automation and voice control.

Large Partitioned Unit, Larger Smart Spaces

Challenge: The unit has a large area and multiple partitions, requiring the connection of lighting and curtains in different locations. Additionally, the equipment brands are not uniform, involving more than 5 different model types of electronic devices. When setting up cross-brand smart scenes, the technicians had to consider a more comprehensive solution, requiring more components and programming compared to a typical case. Furthermore, the voice control involved different partitions, making it more challenging to precisely control specific scenes.

Key Features :

Smart Lighting x Minimalist Panel - Effortless Smart Control without Engraving

The homeowners requested a minimalist design, so the design company selected a panel without engraving. To allow the homeowners to easily control the lighting equipment, Linko Smart established a comprehensive smart lighting system through Control 4. Using a smartphone or other device, the homeowners can control different lighting scenes, such as "Coming Home" mode, "Movie" mode, and "Routine" mode, with just one tap to suit their lifestyle needs.

Unified Control of Curtains from Different Brands with One Tap

Additionally, the homeowners had already selected electric curtains from different brands, which only had remote control functionality without connectivity to the IoT device control. Linko Smart integrated the curtain control function into the Control 4 smart system, allowing the homeowners to control the opening and closing of the curtains, as well as the direction of the curtain blades, using their mobile devices or voice control system at any time.

TV Mechanism Integrated into the Ceiling - Smart Design Showcases Minimalism

The homeowners had high requirements for the home decor, with numerous artworks displayed in the living room. The TV placement in the master bedroom was particularly meticulous, with the TV recessed into a false ceiling. The homeowners just need to activate a pre-set scene mode by the smart home designer, and the hidden TV mechanism will automatically descend, while the room lighting will dim. Once the TV reaches the appropriate position, it will turn on automatically. This whole process is remarkably novel and fascinating, elevating the overall smart home experience.

Kitchen with Natural Scenery - Simulated Sunlight Enhances the Atmosphere

The kitchen has a small balcony, with the view mainly consisting of trees and woods. The designer selected a sunlight simulation light recessed into the ceiling for the homeowners. By simulating different types of natural sunlight, the designer was able to enhance the natural atmosphere. Combined with the smart lighting system in the home, the lighting control became more convenient and comfortable.

Expansive Luxury Residence - Smart Home Capabilities on Full Display

This renovation case highlights the advantages of a smart home, especially for users with high demands on their living quality. A large unit combined with smart home equipment not only greatly reduces the tedious chores of home maintenance, but also allows the homeowners to easily switch between different home scenes to cater to their varying lifestyle needs, simply through voice control and the smart system, without having to move around the house.