BenQ CS Series Corporate Display: Solution for Midsize Meeting Room

A corporate display that fulfils multiple functions is of paramount importance for a midsize meeting room. BenQ CS series is purposely built for wireless presentation, engaging collaboration and video conferencing. The intuitive 4K anti-glare display projects crisp visuals and partners with the full HD webcam to create the perfect communication environment for you and your business partners.

A professional conference room fosters collaborative discussions and brings effective coworking. Besides, it is one of the factors the start-ups consider when renting the meeting room. Continue reading to learn more about the powerful features of BenQ CS series!

BenQ CS series corporate display


Wireless Presentation and other User-friendly Functions

The corporate display of BenQ CS series eliminates unnecessary operation to save your time when doing the presentation. You can wirelessly share up to four screens using InstaShare 2. Moreover, it is convenient to annotate on the document using the remote controller as a clicker, cursor or floating tool toggle. With BenQ’s Account Management System (AMS), you can access the presentation slides through the cloud after using the NFC card to log in.

BenQ CS series_instashare-2

More Ways Spark Collaboration

Powerful compatibility and Duo OS window maximize your meeting time. BenQ CS series supports Android, iOS, Windows OS and macOS. You can open an OS window to continue working on the display while using specialized software like AutoCAD or Photoshop from your slot-in computer or external device via the Duo OS window. While the duo windows allow users to simultaneously work on two apps side-by-side. With all the relevant information on display, the team can always stay focused on the discussion and instant creation. What’s more, teams can add notes and media on the EZWrite whiteboard via their own devices for better collaboration.

BenQ CS series_duo-window

In-built Zoom Video Conferencing System

When video conferencing became the new norm at workspace, BenQ partnered with Zoom to provide the best equipment and the ultimate experience for online meetings. With the in-built Zoom software, you can conveniently host or join video conferences. To match meeting rooms of any size, the CS display pairs with different enterprise-grade webcams designed for versatility.

BenQ CS series_Zoom video conferencing

Integration with Booking System and Management System

CS series can be an information display, such as display the schedule reserved via Meeting Room 365 and push messages to one or more meeting room displays using X-Sign Broadcast. To streamline setup and user management, BenQ CS series has integrated solutions that are essential, including BenQ Device Management Solution (DMS), Identity and Access Management (IAM) system, McAfee cybersecurity system, Extron AV control system, TeamViewer remote control system and VMware cloud system.

BenQ CS series_meeting room 365


BenQ CS series is designed for wireless presentation, engaging collaboration and video conferencing. It is the only enterprise-graded display you need in a meeting, especially as equipment for a midsize meeting room. More than crisp visuals, the 4K anti-glare display offers tools and features that simplify setups and foster highly collaborative discussions.

Adapt BenQ CS series in your meeting room to fulfil three meeting functions. We can integrate the BenQ CS series corporate display and webcam into our all-in-one smart office solution for your needs.

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